NYC teachers deny purchasing fake COVID vaccine cards

The New York Post has revealed that dozens of New York City teachers are suspected of purchasing fraudulent immunization cards from a Long Island pediatric institution that made $1.5 million from the alleged conspiracy. Eighty-two teachers claimed to have gotten COVID-19 immunizations from Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, which specializes in holistic and natural treatments. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office charges that two nurses distributed phony vaccination cards to hundreds of consumers, charging adults $220 for each dosage shown on the card ($440 for both) and children $85 in a scandal resulting from vaccine requirements enforced by governments and corporations.

Julie DeVuono, the center’s owner and operator, is also accused of committing a felony by falsely reporting customers as vaccinated in the New York State Immunization Information System. Three Queens instructors whose names popped up as Wild Child clients spoke to the Post anonymously. They all denied paying for forged vaccination cards, claiming that they had received the injections and that their vaccination cards were genuine. For each reportedly injected dose, the cards list Pfizer lot numbers. The educators acknowledge paying the exorbitant amounts, but claim they were for a “detox” therapy to counteract any vaccine-related side effects.

An elementary teacher who works with students with severe disabilities stated, “We paid for the detox protocol. We did not pay for the vaccination itself or the card,” adding that “It helped detox my body from all the unnecessary stuff in that shot.” The teacher said she had an underlying autoimmune disorder and she feared the vaccine’s potential side effects on her health. The exact nature of the detox is unknown, but the teachers claim it included pills. 

One teacher said of DeVuono, who also treats her 6-year-old son, “She just told me that it would help detox my body and I trusted her.” Another teacher explained, “She tries holistic approaches before giving medications so when my son had an ear infection, she’s like, ‘Okay, it’s not that bad. Let’s try garlic oil first.’” A third instructor said that just because other individuals paid for phony immunization cards didn’t mean she did. She stated, “I’m being lumped in with what other people did, having nothing to do with me.”

Teachers have been barred from teaching at their schools, with administrators claiming that it is harmful to children and families. The city has compelled teachers and other public employees to be fully vaccinated or obtain a medical or religious exemption to maintain their employment. For failing to comply, almost 1,000 DOE staff have been sacked. After the local Department of Education realized that the 82 instructors had gotten immunization cards from Wild Child, they were suspended without pay on April 25. Their union, the United Federation of Teachers, has filed a notice of intent to sue the DOE on behalf of its members. Marissa Urraro, 44, a certified practical nurse, and Brooke Hogan, 30, a receptionist, were accused of participating in the scheme with DeVuono, 49. They’ve all pleaded not guilty.

Cops reportedly discovered $900,000 in cash and a ledger showing more than $1.5 million in revenues from November 2021 to January 2022 during a search of DeVuono’s home. Derin DeVuono, Julie’s husband and an NYPD officer, was placed on reduced duty, which required him to hand over his handgun, shield, and identification and accept non-enforcement responsibilities.

The Suffolk County District Attorney dispatched undercover investigators to Wild Child, where they paid for a vaccination card but did not get the doses, according to a criminal complaint. However, prosecutors are unsure how they will establish that other consumers did the same. State Health Department spokesman Jeffrey Hammond stated, “​​The New York State Department of Health’s Vaccination Complaint Investigations Team continues to work closely with the Suffolk County DA’s Office and other law enforcement to actively investigate and prosecute to the full extent of the law anyone who created, distributed, purchased, or used fraudulent proof of Covid-19 vaccination from Wild Child Pediatrics.”

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