Pennsylvania pretzel shop owner busted for selling prescription pills out of drive-thru window

A Pennsylvania pretzel shop owner was detained on Thursday for allegedly using the drive-through window to sell prescription medications. According to the New York Post, the DEA kept an eye on Brian Schlagel, a 45-year-old ex-con and Monroeville resident. Authorities believed Schlagel, the proprietor of a Philly Pretzel Factory franchise, was trafficking in prescription painkillers.

The inquiry was launched in July after police received a tip that the pretzel owner was buying pills from people using prescription drugs and selling them for a profit. Police were informed by a suspect who acknowledged buying illegal drugs from Schlagel that he was “the biggest pill dealer” in the area.

Schlagel was apprehended by police when they surrounded the pretzel shop after observing him purchase $14,000 worth of oxycodone in a nearby parking lot. After being challenged by authorities, Schlagel allegedly attempted to conceal a recently purchased pill bottle containing 240 oxycodone 30mg pills in a money-filled envelope. He is charged with possession with the intent to deliver and tampering with evidence.

Schlagel has a history of pill-related arrests, and in 2016, he was sentenced to jail for a hit-and-run involving two motorcyclists.

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