Louisiana mom calls out Biden administration as baby formula shortage continues

Nearly three years after the panic started, parents across are still having trouble finding baby formula, and one woman is sending the Biden administration a message on the situation. Amber Bergeron, a mother from Louisiana, told Fox News about the difficulty she had finding baby formula for her preterm twins and the Biden administration’s reluctance to address the issue.

Bergeron stated, “The conclusion that I have come to is the American people need to remember this. Remember that the children, our future, was not important to this administration. I’d like to ask the president, where are you for our future? Where are you? You need to wake up.” She explained, “I’m pretty sure the middle class is about to be taken out. There is no middle class. There’s no help for anybody right now. There’s just nothing there. There’s nothing there to help us,” adding, “We work hard. We go to school to provide a better life for our families and our children, and this is the slap in the face that we get.”

When asked about her holiday plans, Bergeron responded, “Unfortunately, that hasn’t been something that I’ve been able to make definite plans on because I’m trying to make it till tomorrow to see my babies, my family, the rest of my children. I have three. I have two others besides the twins, and so once we get there… I’m sure it’s going to be very different.”

In September, 33% of American families still had trouble finding infant formula, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Lawmakers have asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to explain why the organization responded slowly to shortages as prices rose.

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