John Fetterman’s wife demands ‘consequences’ for NBC reporter who asked about his stroke recovery

The wife of Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman is asking for professional penalties against the female reporter who inquired about her husband’s progress following an almost deadly stroke. The Free Beacon reports that Gisele Fetterman called for “consequences” for the NBC News reporter who inquired about her husband’s stroke rehabilitation on Friday. 

Dasha Burns, the reporter, grilled Fetterman on his use of closed captioning during interviews and his unwillingness to release medical documents pertaining to the May 13 stroke. Burns said that when he could not use a captioning device, it “wasn’t clear [Fetterman] was understanding.” her words.

Gisele Fetterman called Burns’ report “appalling” and claimed it was a “disservice” to journalism. She explained, “It was appalling to the entire disability community and I think to journalism,” Gisele Fetterman’s criticism comes as John Fetterman’s advantage over Republican opponent Mehmet Oz has shrunk significantly. While John Fetterman has faced scrutiny regarding his views on criminal justice reform, concerns about his health have also led to his shrinking lead in the polls. 

Several journalists have questioned John Fetterman’s health. The Washington Post editorial board claimed that Fetterman “squandered” his credibility by making contradictory claims about his recovery. That editorial was also condemned by Gisele Fetterman, who said that the liberal outlet only published it for “clicks.” However, Democrats have also voiced alarm at Fetterman’s minimizing of his health issues, with some party leaders looking to remove Fetterman from the ballot.

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