Troy Aikman faces criticism from twitter users after ‘take the dresses off’ comment during ‘Monday Night Football’

Veteran football commentator Troy Aikman is facing criticism following a comment made during the “Monday Night Football” broadcast of the Chiefs-Raiders game. The New York Post reports, after Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones struck Raiders quarterback Derek Carr from behind and a debatable roughing the passer penalty in the first half, Aikman said, “My hope is the competition committee looks at this in the next set of meetings and, you know, we take the dresses off.”

The call itself caused outrage given that another contentious roughing the passer penalty had been issued just one day earlier involving Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. However, Aikman is being slammed for his choice of words, which some have deemed “sexist.” Sports analyst Jason Page, tweeted, “Did Troy Aikman really just say what I think he said? Did he really just say that it’s time for the league to ‘take the dresses off’? The 60’s called, they want their chauvinist back. Seriously @ESPN… do better than that crap.” 

Aikman has not addressed the outrage and is scheduled to cover “Monday Night Football” next week when the Broncos visit the Chargers in Los Angeles.

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