Digital License Plates Now Available in California 

After a successful test pilot program, Californians can now opt for a digital license plate on their vehicle.

Digital license plates were first used as a trial program in California, but they are now available to everyone in the state who wants one. All Californians will now be able to use a digital license plate due to a recently passed statute (AB-984).

Reviver is the only company from whom you can get a digital license plate. As of right now, according to Reviver, the test program is being used on about 10,000 Californian vehicles. As word spreads that a new law has been passed allowing anyone to buy them, that number will definitely rise.

They employ a monochrome HD display with a switchable light or dark mode (black or white background). They run on batteries with five-year battery life, but if you’re a commercial customer, Reviver provides a hardwired system that draws power from the 12-volt battery of the car.

You can also create a customized message that appears on the plate’s lower portion. It is possible to set up “renewal” to occur automatically, in which case your digital display will show the year and month that your registration is valid without the need for a sticker. According to Reviver, their plates can function in temperatures between -40 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Future features include family services and alerts, stolen car reporting and recovery spot, tolling system integration, vehicle diagnostic and maintenance alerts, additional DMV transactions and parking, and other payment services integration.

For a cool $19.95/mo for 48 months, you, too, can have yet another way to be tracked by the powers that be! Or pay a lump sum of $215.40 — either way, it’ll cost $150 to have it installed.

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