Indiana Republican offers to host Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to discuss PGA Tour and LIV Golf Feud

After speaking with LIV CEO Greg Norman on Wednesday, Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks of Indiana said he wants to invite PGA Tour legends Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to meet with the conservative caucus to address the league’s disagreements with LIV Golf. According to the Washington Examiner, Norman attended the RSC lunch to respond to members’ queries and promote the new tour, which has raised concerns from some due to its links to Saudi Arabia. Norman has reportedly been trying to meet with politicians from both parties.

Banks said he would be interested in hearing from both sides of the PGA-LIV dispute. While LIV supporters claim the PGA Tour is attempting to squelch competition, PGA supporters object to LIV’s ties to Saudi Arabia. He stated, “Greg Norman is a legend, and it was great to have him in RSC. If Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus want to come talk about PGA and their differences with LIV Golf, they’re more than welcome.” Banks explained, “Our Republican Study Committee is a forum, and in my two years as chairman, we’ve had a number of lively discussions about a wide range of issues, and today was just another example of that.”

Members had varied reactions to Norman’s participation at the RSC lunch. Texas Representative Chip Roy argued that anyone who supports LIV should be required to register as a foreign agent and that the GOP shouldn’t be swayed by former President Trump’s support for the tour. He stated, “I don’t care how Republicans feel about LIV Golf, I do care about how Republicans view the expansive promotion of the Saudi Arabian government in the United States, and we ought to be having continued conversations about that.”

When questioned on whether those advocating for LIV should be required to register as foreign agents, Norman explained,” We’re a commercial operation, so we’re here just to grow the game of golf.” Several prominent PGA players have been lured away by LIV Golf, and the tour recently joined an antitrust suit against the PGA after 17 of its players were penalized for competing in a June tournament.

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