At least 20 MLB teams have promoted or funded organizations involved in child gender transitions

According to a recent report from the National Review, 20 out of the 30 Major League Baseball teams have supported or promoted organizations that support youth gender transitions. The article claims that teams have held “Pride Nights” with LGBT themes and have subsequently supported organizations that “encourage or provide sex-change procedures and gender-transition hormone treatment for minors as young as 12.” Other organizations promote “social transitions,” which involve changing a child’s pronouns, name, and wardrobe as early as age 3.

The Detroit Tigers reportedly urged fans to give to various groups supporting the LGBT cause, including PFLAG of Detroit. Its mission is to donate “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender-positive books to public libraries for a greater understanding of the real lives of our children.” In 2018, The Boston Red Sox donated $200,000 to the LGBT clinic Fenway Health as part of LGBT “Spirit Day.” Fenway Health provides therapies, including sex-change surgery, hormonal medications, and puberty blockers for children.

The thorough study highlighted each of the 20 teams along with the various transgender groups they supported. However, studies also revealed that MLB fans are among the most conservative, just behind National Hockey League fans. President of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts, explained that MLB supporters must exert pressure on the league to counteract such single-sided politicized backing. He stated, “The reality of Major League Baseball — one of our last conservative institutions, if you will — not just going woke in terms of lip service, but actively funding something that is nefarious and evil, is a real gut punch.”

In June, several Tampa Bay Rays players made headlines when they decided not to wear “pride” themed uniforms.

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