Select Iowa City Residents Will Receive $1,400 Direct Assistance Checks

Johnson County, Iowa residents who have yet to receive a payment from the county’s direct assistance program, can expect a check soon. According to the Iowa Press-Citizen, local authorities have come to a deal that would allow 319 applicants eligible for the county’s Direct Assistance Program but not included in the initial round of checks to get a $1,400 payment.

Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague stated, “The funds that we’re spending are the city of Iowa City’s funds. We’re going to do it at this point because we know the needs, and we are willing to do what we can to meet the needs. We’re going to backfill residents that were rightfully paid by the county.”

More than 1,900 people have reportedly received their payouts; after the remaining payments are distributed, at least 2,238 residents will have received a check, bringing the program’s total cost to $3.1 million. Johnson County and Iowa City officials disagreed on how to fund the outstanding payments. However, the city finally decided to contribute $446,600, on top of the $660,000 it had already spent on the program. Along with the county, the city will help distribute the payments.

Additional money for the program came from federal, county, and local funds. It was intended for lower-income households who could demonstrate that the pandemic had a detrimental impact on them.

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