Texas sends ​​another busload of illegal immigrants to NYC

Another busload of migrants from Texas recently arrived in New York City, adding to the political spat over illegal immigration. According to Fox News, two buses carrying 96 illegal immigrants arrived in New York City on Saturday. Texas Governor Greg Abbott defended the state’s contentious practice on Twitter on Saturday, claiming that it is drawing attention to a national immigration issue. He stated, “Texas is filling the gaps left in Biden’s absence at our border. We’ve made over 19,000 arrests, seized over 335.5M lethal fentanyl doses, & sent over 7,400 migrants on buses to D.C. and over 1,500 to NYC. While Biden ignores the crisis, Texas steps up.”

Abbott also explained in a press release, “This is not a Texas problem; this is an American problem caused by the president. We need more Americans to call on the president to uphold his oath of office and enforce the immigration laws of the United States.” As part of Operation Lone Star, Texas has transported more than 1,500 migrants to New York since August 5 and roughly 7,400 migrants to Washington D.C. since April.

Abbott argues that Washington, D.C., and New York City have served as “sanctuary cities,” which means they have limited cooperation with federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws. He believes that the action will aid in informing Beltway lawmakers of how the wave of illegal immigration impacts Texas and other border states. 

The New York Post reported that city officials have agreements with at least 14 hotels to ease the pressure that the flood of migrants is placing on the city’s homeless shelters. Mayor Eric Adams has denounced Texas’ activities and entertained the idea of sending buses full of New Yorkers to Texas to run oppositional campaigns. At a recent press conference, he stated, “​​I already called my friends in Texas and told them how to cast their vote, and I am deeply contemplating taking a busload of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned door-knocking because we have to for the good of America. We have to get them out of office.”

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