Campaign to recall LA DA Gason fails to collect enough signature to get on November ballot

The campaign to recall Los Angeles County DA George Gascon failed to collect enough valid signatures to get on the November ballot. The Washington Examiner reports that recall organizers collected 715,833 signatures, however, only 520,050 were deemed legitimate by the Los Angeles County registrar-office. The recall campaign required 566,857 valid signatures to get on the ballot.

According to the office, a breakdown of the invalid signatures revealed that 88,464 of them belonged to unregistered individuals, 43,595 were duplicates, 32,187 were from different addresses, 9,490 had mismatched signatures, 7,344 were canceled, 5,374 were from addresses outside of the county, and 9,331 were deemed invalid for other reasons.

The campaign to remove Gascon has accused the registrar-office of employing unlawful criteria to verify and tally recall petition signatures after volunteers handed over 717,000 signatures. The office contended that 22% of the signatures taken in a random sampling were invalid. However, the campaign did not believe the claim. Additionally, some recall organizers were frustrated after the county banned monitors from watching the signatures be counted.

In 2020, state legislation made it simpler for county authorities to declare a signature legitimate. The law stated that a signature is correct unless it appears noticeably different. Recall organizer and former district attorney Steve Cooley said that the number of invalid votes dropped by 83% after the 2020 law took effect and noted that “almost everything is not adding up.”

A recent poll by the Long Beach Center for Urban Politics and Policy showed that while 27.1% of respondents opposed the recall, 45% of people supported the recall of Gascon from his post as district attorney. The poll was conducted between May 19 and May 25 and questioned 1,037 registered Long Beach voters.

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