LIV Golf announces plans to expand next year

The new PGA Tour rival LIV Golf, which made its debut this year, announced ambitions to expand its series in 2023. The tour plans to increase the number of tournaments from 8 to 14 next year and prize purses will jump to $405 million, a $150 million increase from the $255 million available in 2022.

​​LIV organizers did not reveal the dates or locations for the upcoming competitions, but they did say in a press statement that they plan to “expand LIV Golf’s global footprint.” The fledgling golf association intends to add more competitions to its international series. In 2023, there will be a total of 25 LIV competitions held worldwide between its foreign series and main league.

LIV CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman stated, “LIV Golf’s expanding global platform will add a new dimension to the golf ecosystem as we know it, one that provides an opportunity for players and fans around the world to help maximize our beloved sport’s true potential.”

The tour also highlighted that its events would not conflict with the majors the next year to allow the best players in the world to compete in its wealth of tournaments. The Masters, PGA Championship, British Open, and U.S. Open are some of the biggest tournaments in the world and are crucial for professional golfers aiming to dominate the rankings. LIV wants to accommodate golfers who are reluctant to participate in the new tour by providing a place for the majors. Additionally, organizers have been dishing out large sums of money to entice big names to sign up for its competitions.

However, LIV’s affiliation with Saudi Arabia has created doubt among golfers. The organization received funding from the sovereign wealth fund of the oil-rich superpower, which caused some backlash in the United States. Organizations like 9/11 Justice and 9/11 Families United have criticized attendees of LIV events because of alleged ties between Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This weekend, Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey will play home to a LIV tournament.

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