Apple celebrates 15th anniversary of the iPhone

On Wednesday, Apple celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the release of the original iPhone to the general public. In addition to its calling feature, the smartphone included a touch screen, a rear-facing camera, internet connection, and iPod-like music capabilities when it was first presented in January 2007 by its founder and then-CEO Steve Jobs. At the time of release, it was priced at $499.

Siri, a front-facing camera, or even an app store wasn’t available back then. The phone boasted a mere 8 gigabytes of storage. Apple’s most recent iPhone has a 6.1-inch screen, which is more than two inches bigger than the original. When the first iPhone was first introduced, 3G technology wasn’t nearly ready for prime time. However, it now runs on the A15 chip, a bionic central processing unit that runs quicker and at a higher frequency than earlier processors. The iPhone 13 also has a ceramic cover that the company claims is water resistant and “tougher than any smartphone glass.”

The retail price for the new model with the most storage capacity, 512GB, is priced at $999, twice the price of the original. The first model included the traditional home button and the Apple logo on the rear. Additionally, it was somewhat bulkier than more contemporary phones.

Over 44 million iPhones were sold throughout the world in the first five years after it debuted. Now, there are approximately 118.1 million iPhone owners and as of this report, Apple shares have increased 1% since Tuesday. The company’s stock is trading at $138.86 per share, up from $4.36 on the day the first iPhone was unveiled.

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