Elon Musk announces new Tesla humanoid robot

Elon Musk recently announced that his company Tesla plans to unveil a humanoid robot prototype this year. The company’s second “AI Day,” which will feature the presentation of the Optimus, is set for September 30. For the robot prototype to be completed in time, Tesla’s symposium on all things artificial intelligence was postponed by more than a month.

Optimus will weigh 125 pounds, stand 5’8″ tall, and walk at a pace of 5 mph, with a carrying capacity of 45 pounds and a deadlift capacity of 150 pounds. Musk envisions it as a robotic helper for menial tasks. Musk stated that “We have these sort of AI Day events to just emphasize that Tesla is a lot more than a car company and that we are, in my view, the leading real-world AI company that exists.” Musk also noted in a tweet that the prototype won’t resemble other iterations exhibited at related technological conferences.

In 2023, Tesla will start producing the Optimus. However, the price of the robots and how many will be accessible is currently unknown.

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