Slack suspends the Federation for American Immigration Reform, accuses them of being a ‘hate group’

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an organization that pushes for lowering the rate of immigration into the United States, has been banned from Slack, a tool that businesses use to allow employees to communicate with one another. According to Fox News, a Slack representative told the organization that using the service “to encourage or incite hatred or violence against groups or individuals violates our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service, and is antithetical to our values and the very purpose of Slack.” 

The representative also said that “When we learn of an organization using Slack for illegal, harmful or other prohibited purposes, we conduct an investigation and take appropriate action in accordance with our policy. We suspended the account in question, which is affiliated with a known hate group, after determining that it violated our policy. The use of Slack by hate groups runs counter to everything we believe in at Slack and is not welcome on our platform.”

FAIR President Dan Stein told Fox News Digital that the group advocates for strong borders and the abolition of illegal immigration. He explained, “FAIR is a mainstream organization by historical standards. Basically, we want border security, border control, stop illegal immigration. And we’re not anti-immigrant. We love immigrants, but we want it to be moderated and a reasonably enforceable limit annually. Is this rocket science?”

In a letter to Slack, Stein stated, “​​According to the documents you cite as legally binding, FAIR is entitled to notice and a 30-day opportunity to cure any defects in performance. We received no such notice and opportunity to cure. Please reinstate our account and provide us with the specific violations of your terms of service, with reference to any activities or statements on your platform, so that we may cure the defects. In the alternative, please reinstate our account so that we may preserve our business records that rightfully belong to us.” 

The letter continues, “You have, without any notice and opportunity to download files, stolen over six years of our intellectual property. This is a substantial injury to our business operations and we will act accordingly. We have a battery of attorneys on staff and outside legal counsel as well, and more than sufficient resources at our disposal to ensure our rights are protected.”

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