Rep. Dan Crenshaw and staff confronted by conservative activists at Texas GOP convention

Right-wing activists confronted Rep. Dan Crenshaw and his staff at the Republican Party of Texas Convention on Saturday. According to footage recorded by independent journalist and viral sensation Alex Stein and others, the Texas Republican was referred to as “Eyepatch McCain” and “a globalist RINO.” Stein was also seen jostling with members of Crenshaw’s entourage at a Houston convention center.

Stein got involved in a dispute with Crenshaw’s crew while other individuals followed the group and screamed things like “You sold us out” and “You’re a traitor.” During the incident, a man in a tan suit was shoved into a wall and staggered backward. One Twitter user named Alex Rosen challenged the 38-year-old congressman, saying, “You’re giving Ukraine all this money, and red flag laws too, Dan?,” as he was escorted through a lobby by uniformed police.

During the exchange, one activist referred to Crenshaw as a “fraud” and a “World Economic Forum sell-out,” adding that “Klaus Schwab is literally your daddy,” referring to the World Economic Forum’s executive chairman. ​​As another man in a suit sought to obstruct Rosen’s movement, a man in a “Sergeant at Arms” t-shirt shouted, “Sir, take it easy. You have a right to voice your opinion but not to beat people,” to which Rosen responded, “Beat people? I didn’t push nobody! That was the other tall guy named Alex.”

Witnesses told Mediaite that protesters “got physical with multiple people, including hitting them with cameras. His campaign manager was assaulted by being pushed aggressively into a pillar,” and that “some arrests were made.” However, Stein, denied responsibility for the physical confrontation in a tweet, saying, “I just want to make it clear that no one was assaulted today other than myself by Dan Crenshaw’s private police force…The videos clearly prove this fact and more video will be posted in order to exonerate myself and uncover the lies of the legacy media running cover for Dan.”

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