Elon Musk tells Twitter employees to allow ‘pretty outrageous things’ during all-hands meeting

During a virtual all-hands meeting to address employees’ questions and concerns as he moves closer to sealing his $44 billion bid for the firm, Elon Musk advised them they should allow objectionable content. Musk attended the meeting via his cell phone, where he answered a variety of queries from the workforce. The focus of the inquiries switched from his intentions for the company’s employees to how his political opinions would influence the company’s leadership. He also clarified his content moderation policy, which has been a subject of contention in his pursuit of the platform.

According to the New York Times, Musk told conference participants that users should be able to express “pretty outrageous things” on Twitter, but that Twitter does not have to promote them. Musk said he likes Twitter because it gives him “freedom of speech and freedom of reach.” He also expressed interest in how people could “make a living on Twitter,” but did not go into detail.

When asked how Twitter staff may gain the billionaire’s trust, Musk highlighted productivity: “If somebody is getting useful things done, that’s great. If they aren’t getting useful things done, then why are they at the company?” When questioned about his work policy, Musk appeared to be open to allowing certain Twitter workers to work from home if they so wished. Tesla staff will be compelled to return to their workplaces, according to Musk. Tesla employees build automobiles and undertake work that is “impossible to do remotely.”

Musk was evasive in his response to a query regarding whether or not the corporation will lay off employees. According to Musk, Twitter’s costs “exceed revenue,” which isn’t a “great situation.” However, he stated that layoffs will be dependent on multiple factors. Musk is particularly interested in Twitter’s “monetizable user number,” or the number of people who may be persuaded to pay for the platform or subscribe to services like Twitter Blue. He also stated that he wanted to be involved in product design and that he planned to be “hands-on” at Twitter, similar to how he is at Tesla.

During the meeting, Musk lauded several Chinese apps. He cited WeChat, a Chinese-owned social media site, as a possible model for the platform’s future. He also stated that he takes his words “extremely literal” and that he wants to improve Twitter to allow more people to utilize it. Additionally, he mentioned TikTok’s phenomenal popularity and how it succeeded at surfacing “not-boring” and consumer-engaging videos. ​​Musk also explained that his objective for the social media firm is to see a big growth in daily active users, aiming for 1 billion or higher.

Some workers raised concern about Musk’s handling of the firm and its leadership due to his politics. Musk described himself as a “moderate” who had previously voted for Democrats. However, in recent weeks, Musk has backed many Republican candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso.

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