Apple announces editable messages and customizable lock screens in new operating system

On Monday, Apple held its WWDC keynote, announcing a variety of software and hardware changes for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and other Apple products. Notably, users will be able to personalize their lock screens and alter their text messages after they’ve been sent thanks to the newest improvements to Apple’s mobile operating systems.

A major revamp of the iPhone lock screen will be one of the most striking upgrades in iOS 16. Users will be able to change the typefaces and filters on the app, add widgets to display real-time information, and display “Live Activities” like sports scores and Uber status. “Live Activities” will be a combination of iPhone notifications and widgets, allowing users to customize the front interface to a greater extent. Apple has also revealed several significant upgrades to its Messages app. An edit button, the option to unsend a message, and the ability to label threads as “unread” are among these features.

Additionally, Apple discussed its Wallet app, which recently introduced the option to display a digital copy of a user’s ID and use it to verify a user’s age when ordering alcohol through a delivery service, for example. At least two states have already adopted digital licenses in Apple Wallet, with numerous more expressing interest in doing so in the near future. Apple also announced the addition of a “Pay Later” option to its wallet, which would allow customers to divide an Apple Pay purchase into four equal installments with no interest or late penalties.

A big enhancement to “Family Sharing” was also included in the update. Parents will be able to use the “Family Checklist” tool to establish additional parental controls for sharing, approve screen time requests through SMS, and alter all parental controls across multiple devices. Based on previous iOS releases, iOS 16 will most likely be released in September 2022.

As Apple continues to delve into health data collection, the Apple Watch is getting an update as well. Additional metrics for tracking running, changes to the Sleep app, and reminders for users to take their medicine and if mixing it with other medications would have harmful effects will all be included in Watch OS 9.

Apple also revealed its M2 processors, which will have a memory speed of 100Gbps and a total memory capacity of 24GB. According to John Ternus, senior vice president of hardware engineering, this new processor offers 18% more performance than the M1. The new MacBook Air will be the first Apple gadget to receive the M2. The next Macbook will be 11 millimeters thin, 2.7 pounds light, and include a 13.6-inch display with a 1080p camera.

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