President of Spanish Pharmaceutical company reportedly paid for fake Covid vaccine documents

The head of the Spanish pharmaceutical company PharmaMar is one of more than 2,200 persons accused of buying forged coronavirus vaccination cards by Spanish authorities. Following a Spanish police probe known as Operation Jenner, José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, the founder and president of PharmaMar, was one of the thousands of people discovered as having paid a criminal network to fabricate their coronavirus vaccination status. Breitbart reports that the 76-year-old was listed in the vaccination register as having received at least three doses of the vaccine. According to authorities, other high-profile names on the list include Australian tennis star Lex de Miaur and Spanish artist Omar Montes.

The network was allegedly able to modify immunization statuses in the Spanish National Vaccination Registry, charging consumers cash for the service. Investigators believe the network operated from September of last year through January of this year. A larger network that operated across the European Union was also dismantled as a result of Operation Jenner. According to reports, forgers charged varied sums of money depending on how many dosages the individual wanted to be reported as having received. In conjunction with the operation, 15 people were detained earlier this year, including a nurse and a nursing assistant.

The nurses are accused of stealing personal access codes from other medical professionals and then using those numbers to commit fraud. Several other networks offered fraudulent vaccination credentials as many nations adopted health passport systems demanding vaccinations, proof of recent recovery, or negative testing to attend venues, utilize transportation, or even be permitted to work during the pandemic.

Italian authorities reported in December that the amount of fraudulent coronavirus vaccination records being sold online had skyrocketed and that medical personnel, including physicians, may have been engaged in falsifying people’s vaccination status.

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