South Carolina drug trafficking ring reportedly used taco trucks as distribution hubs

State prosecutors recently announced that narcotics traffickers in South Carolina used taco trucks to carry pounds of meth, cocaine, and heroin. According to the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office, the trucks operated by Mexican eatery Los Primos were utilized as a regional center for a significant drug-dealing enterprise linked to Mexican gangs. Thirty-four suspects are facing a total of 124 accusations in connection with a larger investigation called “Los Banditos” by the AG’s office.

Attorney Creighton Waters, of the AG’s office, stated, “It was a Mexican restaurant just like any other. It’s just that there was more you could get in your Styrofoam clamshells than just burritos and tacos.” Solicitor for the Thirteenth Circuit, Walt Wilkins, described it as a “very large scale organized drug operation,” adding that “While this organization has ties from Mexico to numerous cities in the United States, its drug trafficking efforts and locations in Greenville County were continuing to pump poison directly into our communities.”

The criminal enterprise was reportedly carried out by the restaurant owners from restaurants and trucks throughout Greenville County. Authorities confiscated 11 kilograms of methamphetamine, 1.3 pounds of cocaine, $63,000 in cash, and over 20 guns. Authorities believe the operation has been responsible for trafficking more than a ton of meth, 220 pounds of cocaine, and more than 4 pounds of heroin in South Carolina.

Information compiled by a South Carolina grand jury also led to the interception of 200 kilos of meth, 7.7 pounds of cocaine, seven pounds of heroin, more than 180 pounds of marijuana, 900 Xanax pills, and multiple weapons in neighboring Georgia.

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