New polling reveals San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin is likely to be recalled

New polling shows San Francisco District Attorney Chesa is likely to be recalled in June. Though the number of people preparing to vote “yes” on recalling him has decreased slightly in recent polls, the recall is still 10 points more popular than not ahead of the June 7 election. According to the results of a Public Policy poll given to the SF Gate, 48% of San Franciscans plan to vote “yes” on the recall, 38% say they will vote “no,” and 14% are unsure. Nearly 700 probable voters were polled, with a margin of error of 4.3 percentage points.

In March, a survey revealed that 68% of likely voters supported the recall, while 32% said they opposed it; earlier this month, a separate poll showed that 57% of people planned to vote “yes” and 22% said they planned to vote “no.”

A spokesman for the anti-recall campaign stated, “Clearly, this is a much closer race than has been reported and will come down to turnout and how the late undecided voters break.”

As crime rates in San Francisco climb, Boudin faces a consequence for his lax prosecution record, which includes his choice not to pursue misdemeanors leading to an increase in thefts by 150% in some neighborhoods in the city. In February, voters in San Francisco successfully recalled three far-left school board members.

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