Former Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe expects more indictments in Durham Probe

According to former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, much more Russiagate intelligence remains hidden from public view and will shock the country. The Washington Examiner reports, the Trump-era intelligence director elaborated on his belief that there will be many more charges stemming from special counsel John Durham’s criminal probe into the origins and conduct of the Russia investigation.

On a recent episode of the Charlie Kirk Show, Ratcliffe stated, “I expect there to be a lot more indictments to be forthcoming from John Durham besides the ones that have trickled out so far. And that’s based upon documents, some of which — many of which are not yet declassified.” 

He further explained, “The coordinated effort here that took place in 2016 was wide and broad. I think it involved folks in the Clinton campaign, in the Democratic national party, elected officials, media officials, folks that coordinated — intelligence community officials, and on down the line. I’m not saying that every single one of those folks have criminal liability or exposure. I’m just saying this was a very coordinated effort and the more and more the public finds out about the things that I’ve seen that remain classified, they’ll be more and more appalled by those efforts in 2016.”

Ratcliffe is a former Texas Republican congressman and oversaw the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies during the Trump administration. In October 2020, he announced that he shared approximately 1,000 pages of documents with the Justice Department to assist Durham, who is exposing private details as he takes people to court. Durham is now prosecuting two people: British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who is the alleged main source for the anti-Trump dossier, and former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, whose trial is set to start next month. Durham has gotten one guilty plea, from Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI lawyer who acknowledged he tampered with an email regarding a Trump campaign staffer under federal monitoring.

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