Elon Musk takes shot at Bill Gates with pregnant man emoji comparison

Elon Musk trashed Bill Gates’ stomach on Twitter today, uploading a snap of Microsoft’s founder alongside Apple’s contentious pregnant man emoji while making sure to include a caption for shock value claiming, ‘in case you need to lose a boner fast.’

The shot taken at Gates, utilizing the Twitter platform that he’s currently trying to purchase outright, could exacerbate the culture issues brewing internally at Twitter over the purchase bid. Musk has stated that should he be successful in his bid to complete a hostile takeover of Twitter, he will be an ardent ambassador for supporting free speech. 

All that being said, between Musk’s purchase bid and now taking jabs at Gates while also utilizing the controversial release of the “Pregnant Man Emoji” to make the joke, is sure to cause issues. The pregnant man emoji is meant to be inclusive of transgender individuals, something that Elon Musk has been critical of, as seen in his public comments focusing on the issues of excessive political correctness in society. He has made these comments while also maintaining his position as a supporter of the LGBTQ movement.

It’s unclear what exactly prompted Musk’s latest attack on Gates, but it could be in response to the Microsoft founder’s criticism of Musk’s electric car company Tesla. In an interview with CNBC earlier this year, Gates said he’d been shorting Tesla stock, betting that its share price would fall.

Many people have criticized Musk, with some labeling him a transphobe and bully because of a 2020 tweet mocking pronouns, while others have maintained that he is what America needs in light of big technology censorship.

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