Dallas Cowboys announce the NFL’s first cryptocurrency partnership

The NFL’s first-ever cryptocurrency collaboration with a franchise was revealed by the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday. According to the team’s website, the agreement with Blockchain.com includes club space within AT&T Stadium, advertising options, rights to social and digital integration, and an “educational summit” where fans can learn about digital asset spaces.

Cowboys owner and president Jerry Jones told CBSDFW, “I know a little bit about being wise when it comes to a dollar. And wouldn’t you know, I’ve had my share of mess-ups, too, but I do have some instincts. Blockchain.com is going to be the way to go in this country, and the Dallas Cowboys are going to put everything we’ve got behind it to make it a household word.”

Blockchain CEO and co-owner Peter Smith stated, “As another founder who is leading my business and building my business, it’s incredibly important not just to be partnered with the best brands and the best teams in America, but it’s important for me to be partnered with teams that are led by the founders. It’s incredibly exciting and an honor to be partnered with the Dallas Cowboys.”

Cryptocurrency is becoming more accepted among NFL players, with notable players such as Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., saying that they would like to be compensated, at least in part, in cryptocurrency. However, fans are currently unable to use bitcoin at AT&T Stadium during games. Jones stated that players with the Cowboys are not permitted to be compensated in cryptocurrency, citing early NFL restrictions on how teams might work with cryptocurrency corporations but according to the team’s website, spectators can win special experiences such as visits to away games and activities hosted by the team.

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