More than 150 New York court system employees face termination if they do not get vaccinated

Over 150 New York state court officials could be terminated in less than two weeks if they don’t get vaccinated for Covid-19. The New York Post reports that 156 workers, approximately half of whom work in New York City, were recently sent a letter reminding them that they must comply with the court system’s vaccination requirement by April 4.

The letter stated in part, “You are not in compliance with the Vaccination Mandate and therefore, have been deemed unfit for service for your failure to meet the qualification(s) necessary for employment” and that they “will be terminated” if they do not comply.

There are four judges in the group. However, the Office of Court Administration (OCA) can’t fire judges, but they can be compelled to work from home, prevented from conducting arraignments, or reported to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. OCA spokesman Lucian Chalfen stated, “These employees have been given adequate time to either comply or submit an accepted medical or religious exemption.” He continued, “Currently they are barred from entering any court facility, and their absence is being charged to any accruals that they may have.”

Some workers have objected to the requirement, claiming that it is unjust that they must present proof of vaccination when everyone else in court, including attorneys and defendants, don’t. President of the Court Officers Association, Dennis Quirk, coordinated a demonstration outside Chief Judge Janet DiFiore’s Westchester County home when the rule was implemented in September but was suspended after her home address was made public due to the protest.

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