Arizona-based firearms training company helps train civilian Ukrainian soldiers

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, a business in Tempe, Arizona is assisting civilians who want to defend Ukraine with combat training. By European standards, Ukraine had a sizable army but citizens who wanted to join the battle needed to know what they were doing, which is where Arizona-based Smart Firearms Training Devices come in.

According to Ukrainian authorities, thousands of citizens have lined up for firearms to help safeguard their country but for many of them, it may be their first time handling a firearm. The training guns have orange tips that reveal that they aren’t genuine, but rather innovative training equipment for police agencies all around the world, including Ukraine.

President of Smart Firearms Training Devices, Mike Farrell said, “What you don’t want is your first rounds you’ve discharged on your street.” He explained, “The day of the invasion, we were talking to friends of ours at the Ukrainian national police, and just saying, ‘What do you need?’ And they said, ‘This is what we need. Combination of guns and targets because the office I’m in now isn’t going to be here tomorrow.’”

Farrell noted that “They don’t have infrastructure to train, they don’t. The ranges aren’t left. All those things they used to train with a month ago are gone.” Farrell recently returned from Poland, where he delivered over 100 training kits. He claims Ukraine is fortunate to have some of the greatest military trainers in the world, which is especially important at a time when the country’s infrastructure is being attacked.

Additionally, he stated, it is “Incredibly vital they can train in a basement, in a subway station, put the targets up on a far wall. This is how you pull the trigger, this is how you line up the sights, this is how you do this, this is how you exchange a magazine. All of these are things you can do anywhere and anywhere is going to become more important to them the more these cities get sealed off.”

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