Republicans start registering voters at gas stations as prices continue to rise

The Republican National Committee has started a campaign to register voters at gas stations in reaction to the unprecedented rise in fuel prices, which has some Americans spending more than $6 per gallon. Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel recently tweeted, “Don’t like the #BidenGasHike? Vote! Republicans are coming to gas stations nationwide to register voters! #LeadRight.”

Fox Business reports, the Republican National Committee’s voter campaign began on Saturday, with staff and volunteers registering voters at gas stations in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas of Arizona, where gas prices have risen to above $4.50 per gallon. McDaniel stated, “Under Joe Biden, families are paying more for gas than ever before. After killing American energy independence, Biden is turning to our adversaries abroad for America’s energy needs. American families are feeling the pain at the pump, and Biden and the Democrats do not care and are making it worse.” 

The Arizona Communications for the RNC Director Ben Petersen told Fox “Arizonans are frustrated with paying the record-high gas prices we’ve seen recently, this is an issue that affects almost every single Arizonan. There’s no doubt that everyone is feeling the pain at the pump, so a gas station right now may be the very best possible place for one of our volunteers to have a conversation with someone and get someone signed up to vote.”

AAA data revealed that the national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $4.318 earlier this month. Prices topped $4 for the first time in 14 years on Sunday, which Republicans believe is due to President Biden’s policies. The voter campaign at gas stations comes as stickers critical of the President with the slogan “I did that!” and a picture of Biden pointing a finger at high gas prices continues to appear on pumps around the country.

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