Singer Grimes reportedly dating Chelsea Manning after second breakup with Elon Musk

Following her second breakup with Elon Musk, singer Grimes is dating famed leaker Chelsea Manning. Page Six reports their relationship is moving fast, stating “They’re getting serious. They U-Hauled it. They’ve been living together in Austin,” although Manning still has an apartment in Brooklyn. Recently the two have been communicating on Twitter, with some posts implying that they are dating.

In December, Grimes posted on Twitter, “Celebrity culture is suffocating a f. I’m not quitting music, but def changing my main day job after BOOK 1. Music industry feels old and tired, reliant on archaic systems,” to which Manning simply replied, “vouch.” In another Twitter exchange about how Grimes had delayed a Twitch stream appearance, she said she was not in Los Angeles and felt “bad for postponing like 10 times” with Manning again tweeting, “vouch.”

Manning also “liked” several Grimes-related tweets, including the news of the singer’s Vanity Fair cover story, in which she disclosed she and Musk secretly had a second child through a surrogate, a girl called Exa Dark Siderl. While the Vanity Fair article said Grimes and Musk were in a “fluid” relationship, she has since confirmed a split from Musk.

In the early 2010s, Manning, then known as Bradley, made headlines for releasing hundreds of thousands of papers to Wikileaks. He was found guilty of 20 offenses, including six breaches of the Espionage Act, and was sentenced to 35 years in jail. However, President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence in January 2017, after serving seven years in prison.

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