YouTubers face seven years in prison for overnight stay in Pennsylvania Target store

YouTubers “Saucy and Honey” are facing criminal charges resulting in up to seven years in prison after a night of fun in a Pennsylvania Target store.

Johnson Larose, 25, and Charlotte Fischer, 24, were arrested in West Whiteland Township on Feb. 21 after hiding inside a Chester County Target store and taping the interaction for their social media channel.

Officers were dispatched to the scene because an alarm had been tripped. They investigated the building but were unable to locate anyone.

Target employees discovered security video the next day, revealing a man and a woman walking about the shop for hours with their phones out. During their time inside the store, they did not take anything.

Police detective Scott Pezick said, “It became a little bit bigger of an investigation, trying to find out what they were doing, was there something criminal?”

The pair were documenting a “24 hour overnight challenge in Target” for their 17,800 subscribers. They released a nearly 26-minute video that shows them building a fort to stay concealed as the store closed, followed by them wandering around the store.

Despite their claim of being there all night, police say they left around 3am and tripped the alarm which resulted in their visit. The pair then came back at 8am to finish filming.

Detective Pezick explained, “When you go to a burglary call you have a heightened sense of awareness. Suddenly, you see somebody in there, or maybe they get spooked and run, our officers are well-trained, but it’s not a great situation for anybody. They weren’t out to harm anybody, but we want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

According to authorities, Fischer and Larose face third-degree criminal trespassing charges and are due back in court on March 24. They were released on a $25,000 unsecured bond and are forever banned from Target in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Fischer said, “I mean, no regrets just living life and having fun, it’s kind of sad that all of this came out of it, we were expecting a fine nothing crazy.”

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