Radical San Francisco DA funded by crypto billionaire

San Francisco’s far-left wing district attorney, Chesa Boudin is reportedly being funded in part tech by billionaire Christian Larsen. The Washington Free Beacon reports, Larsen, the chairman of Ripple Labs has contributed $100,000 to the friends of Chesa Boudin, a group opposing the recall of Boudin.

Boudin is known for his progressive stance on criminal justice reform, which seeks more oversight of police and fewer incarcerations. However, the movement has recently come under fire as major cities across the country have seen steep increases in crime. Notably, President Biden called to “fund the police” during his State of the Union address.

Last year, Boudin became the target of a recall campaign after a career criminal hit and killed two women with a stolen vehicle. His critics charged him with causing the tragedy, claiming that he should have brought charges against the driver after several arrests in the months before the deadly accident.

To avoid the recall, Boudin gathered donations from labor unions, the progressive Real Justice PAC, and Larsen, who claims he is a friend of Boudin and that he is “super impressed” by him. Boudin has accepted the funds while complaining that big money interests are bankrolling the recall effort against him. He recently tweeted a link to a story blaming Republicans for the recall.

Additionally, the website Stop the Republican Con, which is funded by the Friends of Chesa committee states, “We don’t have billionaire benefactors lining up to write blank checks to support our campaign. Ours is a grassroots movement and we need your help.” However, Larsen’s donation of $100,000 contradicts the website’s claim, as Forbes estimates his worth to be approximately $50 billion. Larsen, no stranger to controversy himself, was hit with a civil suit by the Securities and Exchange Commission for illegally selling over a billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency in December 2020.

Although the recall is largely funded by Republicans, Democrats and self-identified progressives have supported removing Boudin. Brooke Jenkins, a progressive and former homicide detective in Boudin’s office said he “lacks a desire to actually and effectively prosecute crime.”

Boudin is also the son of members of the radical left-wing domestic terrorist group Weather Underground. In 1981, his parents were charged with murder during the robbery of a Brinks truck. Boudin claims he chose to pursue a career in law after he saw the alleged injustice his parents faced.

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