Freight ship transporting luxury cars sinks off the coast of Portugal

A cargo ship with about 4,000 cars on board sank Tuesday after a fire broke out on board approximately two weeks ago. The Washington Examiner reports that MOL Ship Management Singapore Pte Ltd stated that the vessel Felicity Ace sank approximately 253 miles off the coast of Portugal. It was a 60,000-ton commercial ship that transported premium Volkswagen vehicles

When the fire broke out in the hold of the Felicity Ace in mid-Atlantic Azores on February 16, the ship put out a distress signal. The crew of 22 people aboard the Felicity Ace was all rescued safely. However, photos from nearby vessels showed the ship engulfed in smoke and flames. Volkswagen said, “large parts of the nearly 4,000 vehicles from several group brands were so damaged in the ship fire that they can no longer be delivered.”

The ship was being towed by Dutch company, SMIT Salvage, when it sank. Insurance experts Russell Group Ltd. estimate that the cargo on board was worth $438 million, including a vehicle supply valued at $401 million. Furthermore, they anticipate that Volkswagen will lose at least $155 million in revenue as a result of this

MOL stated that there were no oil leaks on board and now with the ship gone, there’s no way of knowing how the fire originated.

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