Beto O’Rourke crushes competition for Texas Governor in Democrat Primary

In what will be seen as nothing other than absolute decimation of his opponents, Governor-contender Beto O’Rourke has claimed victory in the Texas Democrat Primary with over 90% of the votes. The next closest competitor not even attaining a 5% vote threshold, shows that Texas Democrat voters overwhelmingly know who they want to see face off against incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott on November 8th.

On the opposing side, Greg Abbott was able to maintain a two-thirds vote count as he ran away with his primary, setting up what will likely be a highly polarized and contentious Texas campaign season leading into the General Election.

As he runs for a third term, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is in an overwhelming position, having more than $50 million on hand and promising to continue his conservative policies. In the meantime, O’Rourke is attempting to regain his 2018 Senate campaign’s excitement, when he nearly defeated Ted Cruz.

O’Rourke was in Fort Worth at a campaign event following his victory, a red county that he was able to flip in 2018, as he spoke to supporters “This group of people, and then some, are going to make me the first Democrat to be governor of the state of Texas since 1994…This is on us. This is on all of us.”

Beto has a massive battle ahead of him as over 1.75 million Republican voters turned out to vote in the Republican primary between all candidates eligible. That number outpaces the Democrat primary turnout which saw around 1 million voters turn out. With such a wide gap in voter registrations between each party, a major campaign effort to engage voters will be undertaken by O’Rourke in order to bridge that margin.

Texas is the first state to kick off primary season, with the rest of the country beginning their elections in early May and going all the way through late-September.

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