Apple creating a “magic metaverse contact lens” to see in VR

It appears that science fiction is now making its way into certain realities as Apple is preparing to move everything from iPhones into our eyes. According to MacRumors, Apple is hard at work on “contact lenses” that would allow you to live in augmented reality without the need for a smartphone.

The project, being called “Apple Lens” at the moment, will work to connect Apple Glass and contact lenses which would effectively allow you to make calls, surf the web, and play games while simultaneously seeing the world around you.

According to a reliable Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been known to provide accurate information, the company is working to bring the lenses to market around 2030, while also moving other tech hardware towards ‘invisible computing’. Kuo has the opinion that the lenses are unlikely to have the necessary computing power to function, but rather will need another device or 5G connection for processing.

The smart contact lenses will meld with your natural eye color and employ a technology called “realityOS”. Consumers worldwide will be happy to know that Apple will be targeting the price range between $100 and $400, which is much cheaper than iPhones being sold at the moment.

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