Activists in NYC urge Amazon to stop vendors selling ‘white privilege’ cards

Activists in New York City are urging Amazon to remove what they believe is “racist paraphernalia” from its online stores. They are upset about a satirical credit card that reads “White Privilege Card–Trumps Everything, Member since birth and good thru death”. The cards are labeled as gag gifts and are being sold by multiple sellers on Amazon in five, 10, and 15 packs. 

Several of the listings have five-star testimonials from customers who appreciate the quality of the cards.

Crisis action center activists were incensed upon learning about the cards and called on Amazon to prevent vendors from selling them. The activists say they have not heard back from Amazon since contacting them about the cards.

The activists argue that the cards are racist, offensive and that they trivialize the experiences of people of color. They have filed a complaint with the New York City Commission of Human Rights, according to local news sources.

One community activist, Chris Banks told Bronx News 12, “to give a platform to any vendor to spew this type of racism, it makes no sense

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